Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sephora VIB/Makeup Madness Haul - with scary, scary pictures

Shooooooooot ... so, part of my Makeup Madness haul includes a gorgeous NARS blush (Sin) .  This is my first NARS blush - I was pretty excited to test it out, but I'm not used to how pigmented this stuff is and .... well, I'll let this picture speak for itself:

I couldn't walk around with only one heavy blushed side, so now I'll spend the rest of the day looking like one of those scary porcelain clown dolls with painted on cheeks.  No matter, I sill love it and since I'm slowly getting back into powder products, this probably won't be my last NARS blush purchase.   It will just take some practice to get it right.

My second haul item of note is the Tarte MultiplEye Lash Enhancer .  The only way to gauge how effective this stuff is to actually compare my lashes before and after a few weeks of 'treatment.'  I'm skeptical but hopeful that this could work without making me go blind!  Here are a few before shots for us to reference - excuse my tired, tired eyes.  Haven't gotten a lot of rest in the last few days:

That's enough scary pictures for one day.

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