Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bold As Love

My baby sister is super sassy and has no doubts about the things she likes, and the things she doesn't like.  She's also a billion times more bold than I was as a highschooler, so it came as no surprise to me when she asked me to do her makeup for prom (it's this Saturday) and sent me this image for inspiration: 
That's pretty much as bold and as colorful as it gets, and since I'm so monochromatic, I'm a little intimidated. 

As soon as I got home yesterday, I pulled out a few colors in my collection that I thought I could use to emulate the look.  I don't have a lot of vibrant colors, and I was playing on top of the taupes/browns that I already had on, so that skewed the outcome, but I kind of like the more subdued version that I came up with:

Still, I think I'll need to go a lot brighter, given my sister's original request.  I'm thinking of getting her a little Urban Decay palette as a "have fun at prom"/ happy early birthday present (she turns 18 mid-May and I can hardly believe it).  And just so she keeps her wits about her, I was gonna send her off with one of the CLEAN mini rollerballs that I mentioned in this post.  You know, to remind her to have good CLEAN fun on prom night.  

This eye was crafted by MAC and Too Faced.

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