Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is Tarte MultiplEYE Actually Working?!

This could be a case of wishful thinking, but this Tarte stuff *might* actually be working.  It's been a week since I started using MultiplEYE (haul memo here) and my lashes may not be longer, but they seem fuller and stronger. Check out how they curled yesterday. They don't usually cooperate like this. Makes me feel like the mom who knows something is up when her crazy kids inexplicably start behaving. Something is fishy here ...

Is Tarte the answer to my fervent prayers for lashes of Kardashian proportions? I hope, I hope, I hope so! But I'll be keeping my expectations for this in check. The curl power I experienced yesterday could also be a result of the perfect storm as it relates to lashes: careful primer application + getting to the point in my mascara tube where just the right amount of product is picked up by the wand. Makeup addicts, you know what I'm talking about!



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