Monday, April 26, 2010

goldenGrey Sunday

How did you spend your Sunday?  I spent mine hamming it up in front of a camera trying on piece after piece of cool-ass vintage picked out by my most stylish friend -- it was pretty much girl heaven.  You can see some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot here on Jo Anne's blog . 

She asked me to help with makeup, so I brought a few (hundred) of my most essential products:

We started the day around 1:30, then 800 shots later, we were done!  Think it was around 8:30 when we wrapped, and it was honestly the fastest 7 hour time lapse of my life.  Time flies when you're checking things off your 'things to do before I turn 30' list!

As far as makeup went, she asked for cat eyes and pale lips.  This is me after I got home, so my makeup isn't the freshest in this shot, but it'll give you an idea of where we were going with it --
On my eyes: MAC eyeshadow in Carbon as liner, layered over Make Up Forever Kohl Pencil, 1K.  MAC #7 lashes. 

Nervous but excited to see the final shots!!

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