Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hunting For Under Lashes/Having the Guts to Wear Them

Inspired by the top shot in the picture above, I was going to sport underlashes for the festivities this past weekend, but I chickened out/ran out of time. I made the trip out to MAC and everything! Was surprised to learn that MAC doesn't carry lashes specific for under-use, but they recommended a set that would work well for it (#31's). I ended up buying them -- just didn't get around to putting them on! -- so I promise to give them a try and post them soon. If all goes well, I may make a purchase on soon. They have a nice array of Red Cherry underlashes you can see here.

On another note, I'm still in love with my blue MUFE Aqua Eyes liner. I'm using it as regular liner today -- can you tell I have it on?

Here it is, close up.

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