Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am fresh from an Oxygen facial at Changes Spa, courtesy of the most awesome boyfriend ever. I felt so super clean that my face was a makeup-FREE zone the whole day and I craved nothing but greens, veggies and fruits right after the facial. I wanted to feel good from the inside out.

Raw face:

In light of my healthy cravings, I was surprised with a dinner at a restaurant we never tried before (told you the guy's awesome). Planet RAW was so unbelievably delicious. Chefs who specialize in raw foods are magicians! I had the Maki Roll Sushi ("salmon" was made of walnut pumpkin pate) and the BF had Pasta Fresco ("noodles" made of zucchini!).

We started with this Guacamole appetizer. My regular diet is so bad that I can't even ID all the veggies they sliced up for "chips":

Here is my scrumptious "salmon" roll. It's supposed to look like a fire-breathing dragon:

It's funny that I have to put everything in quotes :) just because I didn't WEAR makeup today doesn't mean that I didn't BUY any...expect a post on OPI x Sephora "Under My Trenchcoat" nail color soon.

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At February 16, 2010 at 7:49 PM , Blogger The Queen of Hearts said...

I need to get on a diet right now! But I love food soo much : ( Maybe I should try jogging but I just did my hair and I don't want to have to wash it again, lol. Maybe I will go for an early morning walk. I think this post actually inspired me to do SOMETHING. : )


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