Monday, January 18, 2010

Cat Eyes and Sleepy Dogs

It's supposed to rain all week, and because the rain disorients me, I've planned out my to-do list to get me to Friday without any distractions. This week, I'm committed to: napping/cuddling with the puppy, rediscovering old CD's and watching as many movies my eyes can take. I got a jump-start on the movie thing on Sunday - inhaled Yes Man, I Love You Man and the Hangover in one glorious sitting. Then I ransacked our CD collection to get my playlists updated while my two lazies languished on the couch:

The rain also means that I have an excuse to stay in and play around with the LORAC liquid liner I scored last week. It's true what they say -- this thing is super pigmented, it draws a rich, black line, which I love. And the tube itself is nearly as thin as a pencil liner, so it's easy to handle. But either I'm attempting to use the stuff while I'm sky-high on caffeine (which is OFTEN throughout any given day) so my hands are shaking uncontrollably or I just have really unsteady hands. Either way, I feel like I can't get my line quite 'right.' Think it'll just take some practice though. One of the cool things about this product is you can pile it on top of a pencil liner for rimmed eyes that really pop. That's what I did to create this cat eye -

Or, because the tip is so fine, you can create a super natural line, like so:

I think this item will quickly become my best friend as we head into fake lash season ...


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