Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holidayin' with the Homies

Every year, my oldest friends (as in, the ones I've known the longest) and I get together for a post-Holiday-Holiday celebration. We plan this smugly knowing that a) everyone will FINALLY have some free time and no party obligations b) after-Christmas sales are OFF THE HOOK and c) caterers will be free as a bird.

Thus, we celebrate with food galore. (Note: this was taken after we had already tore through half of it. Plus I stupidly neglected to take a picture of our dessert table, which was heaped with red velvet, vanilla bean and chocolate mini cupcakes AND Boston Creme pies )

We hold a White Elephant gift battle ... err.. exchange. This year, we randomly played a gamblin' game called Left Center Right. It was so much fun stealing each others cash that this will probably become a tradition.

And of course, I don a FIERCE face. That would be Too Faced's Label Whore on the lids and that red Tarte gloss from this post on my lips. Label Whore is cool because it's two colors in one. Under a camera flash, it's mostly a shimmery maroon while the heavier-applied portion imparts a turquoise-black sheen. It's pretty baddass. And pretty enough for a celebration with my oldies but goodies :)

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