Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Office Red

I've been experimenting with red lips lately and I want to sport a killer red gloss at my Holiday office party. Something that gets at the fact that I'm ooooooodles of fun outside of the office, but at the same time maintains my privacy & mystique (!!!) I've been inspired/counseled by the illustrious Karen (of makeupandbeautyblog fame). She says for a look with brown smokey eyes, a red gloss can provide a fun pop of color.

This is going to sound like a tangent, but I promise it's all related -- I forgot to tell you that my Tarte Crown Jewels came in, and I am in LOVE with one of the colors. I actually haven't been able to get past it, and I have 14 more colors (15 glosses in all) to try!!! Unfortunately, none of the colors are named, so I can't tell you exactly which color it is, but it's part of the "Dazzling Divas" box and it's a gorgeous red-pink. Here's a snapshot:

Here's me with it on:

And here's a closer look at the on-lip color:

Does it hint at my fun side enough? or do I need to go more red? There IS a red-der gloss in the Tarte set ... expect a new post soon!



At December 10, 2009 at 2:19 PM , Blogger kirstyb said...

loving that colour x


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