Monday, November 30, 2009


I went out on Saturday night to hang out with a friend from LA. We kinda grew up together, but she moved to SoCal for college & never plans on moving back up to the Bay Area (she's always been a crazy one). We got together with a bunch of our friends from elementary school/high school and coincidentally ended up crashing an official high school reunion at Rosewood in North Beach. So the theme of coming together with old friends was thick in the air. We had a damn good time.

You know when you want to look cool, but not too put together? That's the kind of look I was going for on Saturday. I didn't want to look like I was trying to be voted in as "most made over" by the kids who've known me for years. So I went with a soft brown/gold shadow combo and my favorite falsies from MAC - #7's! Hmmm ... so maybe I WAS the most made over.

Falsie Close-Up:

Here's an after-party shot. We're still tipsy (obviously) & trying to sober up at an after-hours Chinese restaurant. Random picture, but better view of my eye shadow in action:


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lyrics and Lipgloss: Beyonce Video Phone

Video Phone mission ALMOST accomplished. I think this is how good it's gonna get, since I don't have Beyonce's lighting...or microbangs...or face... I compensated for my lack of bangs with a headband, not much I could do about the lighting & face thing at this stage of the game. However, my boyfriend (the photographer) did a good job of not laughing at my attempts to copy Queen B, so I guess that's a different kind of mission accomplished :)



This time with feeling--sort of. This is why Beyonce is famous and I'm not!:

Here's a closer/brighter view:

I used: MAC Lipstick in Doubonet, Nars Gloss in Blood Work, Korres bronzer, the usual suspects on my eyes (Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, Too Faced Lockdown shadow)

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Nice to Meet You

I've downed a cup of coffee from Noah's Bagels every morning for the past 3 weeks (the hazelnut flavor of their Chelsea blend just doesn't quit!). This AM, as I was sitting on a bar stool at their counter, I glanced across the street and thought I saw a sign on top of a store in construction that read, "Discount Cosmetics, In Time for the Holidays." Ummmmm....HELLS YEAH, and just in time in general! I welcome cosmetics at a discount on any day of the year!

TRUST that I hauled my caffeinated a$$ across the street for a closer look, and upon doing so, discovered that the sign actually read:

I was only slightly disappointed, mostly curious. What is this Pigment Cosmetics? I visited their site, and from what I can deduce, it's like a combo of MAC (in terms of its 'professional' use) and like pre-Sephora syndicated Bare Escentuals (in that it's a novelty line, with signature powders). Upon even closer inspection of their site, it appears this line is popular in cosmetology schools and in local fashion shows. I can get with that. So I'll keep an eye out for the grand opening and will give you all the low-down on Pigment!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Video Phone Mission

Beyonce's makeup artist always does such a great job, especially in her music videos. Have you seen her latest for Video Phone? This one's on the raunchy side (Lady GAGA's in it, what else would you expect?) so careful if you're clicking at work! But it's an homage to pop culture makeup, if ever there was one in the form of a video. In general, ME LOVES!

Here are 2 of my favorite looks. I'm making it my weekend mission to copy Mz. B.



Will post my efforts if they come out cute!


Monday, November 16, 2009

VIB Status

Thanks to my VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) status at Sephora, I spent my entire Sunday shopping for gorgeous Christmas presents for my VIP friends. All VIBs received a code/coupon for 20% off at Sephora & (TWENTY percent!!) I LOVE special-invitation shopping events. Am a sucker for them ... so rest assured I went to town. I can't reveal everything I bought, because like I said, l bought a ton of presents, but I made sure to pick up a few stocking stuffers for myself:

MAKE UP FOREVER Khol Pencil in Black 1. I've been wanting to experiment with a more smudged liner look, and I think the kohl pencils are the best tools of the trade for this. I've heard great things about Chanel's kohl pencil, but because of my affinity for MUFE's Aqua Eyes, I feel I owe to the brand to give their kohl a shot. So excited!

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi-Gift Set: I've been eyeing this forevs. It's a set of 15 glosses (FIFTEEN!!!) crowned with Sephora's Natural Seal of approval. I never dissect the list of ingredients before purchasing a lipgloss, but I'd like to start making this a habit. Think about how long that stuff sits on our lips and how much of it we accidentally ingest. It might as well be non-toxic. On a happier note, these beauties are packaged five to a box, so I technically have 2 sets to give away and 1 to keep for myself. I plan to mix & match my gift boxes so my friends get a nice collection of neutrals, berries and glitter shades. I'm going to be the BEST Santa EVER!!

Too Faced LOCKDOWN Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in Bedroom Eyes. You've seen this product in so many past entries, surely you know I'd jump at the chance to stock up at a discount. I didn't buy more than one tube though, for two reasons:
1) 1 tube lasts a century, so the unused tubes would sit idle and when this happens ... (continue to #2!)
2) the formula tends to "separate" when not in use. The oilier ingredient separates from the pigment and you have to shake the tube before it's wearable. It's sort of a pain, so one tube for now ... still juiced though!!

Expect a full report when the goods come in.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Couture Shine

Meet my latest obsession: LORAC's Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Haute.

It's gorgeous in color AND texture, and it's as baddd as you want it to be. You can sport one layer for a nearly clear sheen or about three layers (a la moi!) for a perfect baby pink. The formula goes on like vinyl and literally hugs your lips without sticking to them. I've been wearing my Couture Shine to work for 2 weeks straight to rave co-worker reviews!

I may try to get a better picture of it later, but here's the best I can do for now:

Boom whatcha think?

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Cleopatra Makeover

This year, I decided to dress up as Cleopatra for Halloween. My boyfriend was Marc Anthony. Here's a shot of us hammin it up:

To emulate the Queen of the Nile I used the following goodies - I was all about my eyes that night:
Too Faced Eyeshadow in Crushed Amethyst
Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes 0L Black
Red Cherry Lashes #523 -- for drama!
Vincent Longo Hydro Stick in Luna Bronze -- this creates a gorgeous dewy glow all over my face and is perfect for a soft highlight on cheekbones
Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder -- to set the record straight
Vincent Longo Lip Vinyl in Felini Red -- bold, but totally wearable red

Here's a shot of us on the PACKED BART ride home (we were soooo comfortable!):

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