Monday, July 23, 2012

Glossed up for Grandma's!

Buxom Gloss in Tonya

Close-Up of Tonya on my lips:

My boyfriend's grandma celebrated her 90th birthday this past weekend - how amazing is that?!  She's one of the funniest, toughest, most blunt people I know and I just hope I have an ounce of her personality when I'm 90.  Her party colors were brown and pink, so I thought it was most appropriate to celebrate with pink gloss.  Buxom is my absolute favorite line of gloss (for its moisturizing, plumping and coloring powers) and I chose the color Tonya for this party.  Check it out/buy it here.  It's described as a 'hot pink sparkle' on Sephora's site, but it's actually more mild on.  Very wearable, but still super fun.

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