Friday, October 5, 2012

Smokey, Sultry and Bridal?

I was thumbing through the latest issue of Vanity Fair, and decided to start looking for wedding day makeup inspiration.  All the looks that jumped out at me consisted of subtle smokey eyes and soft pink lips.  Whenever I do my makeup for a special event, I always work on my eyes the longest.  I need them defined, or I just look tired in pictures.  The subtle smokey eye could work particularly well as my bridal look because it won't be so drastic on my facial structure: medium-sized almond-shaped eyes with just a slight crease, and full lips.  Of the 2 examples below, I could probably achieve Olivia Thirlby's the most. 

I love how this L'Oreal model's eyes are outlined in purple.  She's a lot fairer than I am though, so this might not work on me 100%.
Here's Olivia Thirlby's smokey eye/soft lip.  I really like the violet color of her eyeshadow. I think this is beautiful and totally achievable.  A definite project for this weekend!
Will post the results if I'm proud of 'em!



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