Monday, November 29, 2010

My Sister's Wedding

I had the honor of helping my little sister with her makeup on the biggest day of her life.  Normally, this
would be an ENORMOUS pressure, but my sister was so far from bridezilla that at some points, I felt like geting all diva on everyone simply to fill the unnatural void that her happy-zen-ness left behind.  My sis isn't big on heavy make-up, but she wanted to pop in her pictures.  So we concentrated on her eyes, and on accenting the angles on her tiny face. 

Here she is, au naturel and a little apprehensive (not of the wedding and the major committment she was about to make, but because of the amount of makeup I packed and spilled out in front of her). 

Hard at work and havin fun.  I'm so happy she trusted me to do this :)

Here she is with some of her eyes done. We used Urban Decay Sin Primer, Maybeline ColorStay Palette in Khaki, Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer, Maybeline Volum Express Mascara. 

See how everyone around her is moving?  And she's so calm and still?  Happy-zen-ness.

Korres Eyeshadow in Plum, Ardell Lashes #102, NARS blush in Sin.

Buxom Lipgloss in Michelle.

The Love of her Life.

I'll never forget this day!  I love my sis and my new brother in law so much ... hopefully they'll let me do their kid's makeup one day ...

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Casual Cat Eye

I sported this look the Saturday before my family and I jetted off to Maui for my sister's beautiful island wedding.  Her big day couldn't have been more perfect if we hand-picked everyone's moods and the weather ourselves.  We spent eight glorious days there, so prepare to see a difference between this shot, and the ones in subsequent posts. I got DARK. I mean DRASTIC dark.  I think a Hawaiian tan is the best souvenir there is.  But let me stop there before I slip back into major Maui withdrawal. 

I was experimenting with an everyday cat-eye here.  Something I could wear if I felt like looking a little more edgy than my weekend mascara-and-cream-blush-self.  It ended up feeling like too much eyeliner for errand-running.

But here's how I did it - I lined my eyes over and over with my Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer.  Then I used my index finger to "smear up" the liner on the outter corner of each eye.  It's a super easy technique that works well for those who aren't adept with liquid liner (like yours truly). 

Close-up of the Casual Cat Eye. 

Close-up of Precious Puppy Eyes.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


I loooooooove me some freebies.  Especially makeup freebies.  Last week at Nordstrom, I got the following glosses for being a ModCard holder - a Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss, one Laura Mercier Lip Plumper in Mulberry and a Clinique Full Potential Lips in Cherry Bomb/Play-Full Plump.  

Here are the lovely freebies atop my trusty Moleskine.  I'm planning on giving the Clinique sample to my sister, so you won't see it included in the lip pictures below:

The Laura Mercier gloss is more pigmented than this picture suggests.  Also has a light, non-sticky texture and it smells like the Holidays!  It doesn't do much in the realm of plumping, but I've never found a "plumping gloss" that actually does what it's supposed to do. 

Here's the Smashbox gloss (excuse my hair frizziness - it's been a rainy, rainy Sunday in the Bay Area!) .  This has a thicker texture than the Laura Mercier gloss, but it's also non-sticky.  I'm a fan of white-ish glosses, so I like this freebie the best out of the two.  And because it's white/clear, I'm sure it'll mix lovely with a nude liner.  Just dab it in the middle of your nude-lined lips and you're good to go.

Domino wanted his own lip shot, and I happily obliged.  No lipgloss needed here :)

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Halloween Scene

Love it when last-minute plans end up being the most fun ever.  Thanks again for the invite, Jo! 

Lips:  Buxom Lipgloss in Violetta
Eyes:  Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Burnished Copper, Ardell #102 eyeslashes
Location:  Horizon, San Francisco
His Costume:  RUFIO!!!
My Costume:  Native American Princess Wants-to-Lose-Five-Pounds

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