Monday, November 29, 2010

My Sister's Wedding

I had the honor of helping my little sister with her makeup on the biggest day of her life.  Normally, this
would be an ENORMOUS pressure, but my sister was so far from bridezilla that at some points, I felt like geting all diva on everyone simply to fill the unnatural void that her happy-zen-ness left behind.  My sis isn't big on heavy make-up, but she wanted to pop in her pictures.  So we concentrated on her eyes, and on accenting the angles on her tiny face. 

Here she is, au naturel and a little apprehensive (not of the wedding and the major committment she was about to make, but because of the amount of makeup I packed and spilled out in front of her). 

Hard at work and havin fun.  I'm so happy she trusted me to do this :)

Here she is with some of her eyes done. We used Urban Decay Sin Primer, Maybeline ColorStay Palette in Khaki, Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer, Maybeline Volum Express Mascara. 

See how everyone around her is moving?  And she's so calm and still?  Happy-zen-ness.

Korres Eyeshadow in Plum, Ardell Lashes #102, NARS blush in Sin.

Buxom Lipgloss in Michelle.

The Love of her Life.

I'll never forget this day!  I love my sis and my new brother in law so much ... hopefully they'll let me do their kid's makeup one day ...

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