Friday, June 29, 2012

Bat Your Way out of Anything

Bed, Bath & Beyond is becoming as dangerous as Target!  I walked in there for a set of cookie-cutters and walked out with travel toothpaste (no trips planned, btw), birthday candles (for no one in particular), and 2 sets of eyelashes (at least these impulse buys are true to my character).  Here's one set of lashes I purchased from Duo.  It even came with a travel-sized glue (but again, no trips in my foreseeable future!).

Pretty, right?  I love how wispy and flirty these are.  You can bat your way out of anything with them on :)  Check out the difference between plain-jane me and lashed-out me:

Plain Jane:

Lashed Out:

I DID have to chop off a significant section of these lashes to fit my eyes (about a centimeter, to be exact), and because of this, they didn't fit my eyes perfectly.  After about 5 hours of wear time, the inner corners started to flick out, which was annoying.  I'd say this set is perfect for a dinner and drinks out in the city, but not much more than that.  They wouldn't stand the TRUE lash test of time (dinner, drinks, dancing, more drinks, and 4th meal).  But at $9, I can't really complain!

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