Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crepes, Cranes and Lashes

Wish I could read this.  I could be missing out on all sorts of lash tips!

Over the cozy Holiday Break, the BF and I took a trip to Japantown to shake up our "lounge on the coach all day long" routine. Living so close to San Francisco, you'd think this is something we've done a million times, but in the twelve years we've been together, we've NEVER done a day trip to JTown! So we lived it up - got a taste of Sophie's infamous crepes and ran around taking pictures like we were tourists.  And I happened upon on a stash of lashes on sale for $1.50 each!!  I bought 2 pairs of these 'half-type' lashes - one for me, and one for my sister.  I like them so much I'm thinking about going back for more.  Wish I could read what brand they are.  The last two pics show you what they look like on - please pardon the red, chapped lips!   



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