Wednesday, June 23, 2010

30, part 3: In The Heights

For my final installation of the "30" series, we have to travel back to the event that kicked off the celebration:  In The Heights.  My chickies took me to go see it -- and if you love musicals, this is a MUST.

It had more than a few storylines I could identify with:  finding love in familiar (but surprising) places, the pressure of answering to everyone's expectations (and being able to graciously re-set those expectations), lucky moments in life that come when you least expect them (and need them most), death/rebirth in its most obvious (then more subtle) forms.  All of this is told against a backdrop of infectious songs with Latin beats.  I couldn't think of a better way to set the tone for my bday week.

Since photography wasn't allowed in the theatre, we took a few shots in the lobby:

And in the BART station. I love this crazy picture because I look like I'm the mother, and all my friends are my little girls.  Should have stooped like I did in the first pic. 

And to bring this blog back to beauty, AND since I'm such a spoiled brat, I have all sorts of birthday booty to show you!  The theme of the week was definitely "Tarte."  I got some from my girls, some from by boyfriend, some via gift cards ... and here's a little sampling of it:

Cheek stain, bronzer, dual creme/loose powder shadow, inner rim eyeliner and 2 tubes of Lights, Camera, Lashes.  DEE -- LISH!  And that's just the start of it.  More to share in future posts!



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