Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer in the Hamptons

If you're anything like me, sunshine is your antidote to gloomy moods, too much work and general cranky pantsy-ness.  But it's also an annoying source of heat rashes when coupled with gobs of thick, smelly sunblock.

Which is why I'm developing a mild obsession with Hampton Sun's line of products.  They help you maintain standard levels of sun worship while protecting you under a silky-light, yummy-smelling SPF.  Their spray on gel is the biz-nazz, and my second order of it just came in yesterday:

SPF gel on your right, their Privet Bloom fragrance on your left.  All of their products have the same great fragrance (except for their face stuff, which is unscented), and I love it so much that I HAD to order the eau de toilette.

I will be sporting both products all summer long!



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