Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding Look #1

So I'm off to Puerto Vallarta in a couple of days! I'm going to be the maid of honor in my friend's wedding. She's asked that all the girls use neutral brown eyeshadow and pair that with soft pink cheeks & lips. Sounds easy enough!

I have a few days to experiment with formulas to find the ones I like the best and that last the longest -- Puerto Vallarta is going to be hotter than a mother!

Here's practice look #1: Too Faced Lockdown (Bedroom Eyes), MAC Paint Pot (Quite Natural), Stila Shine Lip Color (Diane), Vincent Longo Pearlessence Lip/Cheek Gel Stain (Dolceacqua). These are all supposed to be super stay-put formulas. Let's see how they hold up. Here's how they look:

Here's how they look on me (I think I look worried because I'm thinking of ALL the things I need to do before taking off!):

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